Leather / Upholstery/ Shoes

Threads for stitching products from leather, furniture, shoes
Leather products – one of the most popular products among the buyers and producers. Such products usually considered as quality, long term in usage, and luxurious as well.  For your product be quality, besides main fabric put attention to the quality thread, because sometimes quality of the ready make product depend on quality thread.
We offer threads of premium quality TM AMANN with following advantages:

threads have high tensile strength and it secure shoes against breakage and extra costs;
threads are stable against abrasion, thats why you can be sure in long term period of usage;
high elastisity protect leather from deformation;
regular quality control guarantee our stability and confidence as supplier;

offer thread Serafil в толщинах 20,30,40,60,80


Searfil 10

Serabraid 800,1000,1200,1400 – плетеная нить для отделки изделий из кожи. Придает изделию дорогой, статусный вид. Незаменима для пошива мокасин. Возможна с воскованым покрытием для ручного шва.